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Training Fees Increase June 2023

I’m sorry to say that we will have to increase our session fees and monthly direct debits from June 1st. At the recent AGM we reviewed the accounts for 2022 which showed the large loss that the club made last year. This, plus the inflation increases we see in our costs this year, means that price rises are now unavoidable.


I’m pleased that we have been able to honour the promise we gave last Autumn not to increase prices until the summer but, unfortunately, the time has now come. It’s worth reminding ourselves that our club is run entirely by volunteers and nobody gets paid for the time they give for us. We are completely not-for-profit and these increases are the minimum we believe necessary to keep the club financially viable.


From June 1st 2023
1)  – All session fees will increase by 50p. 
2) – All monthly direct debits will increase by 10%


The details can be found at this link.


Those of you who have direct debits via “Go Cardless” (that’s most of you) should see this change happen automatically. If your monthly payment  isn’t managed that way then you will need to make the change yourself – please get in touch if that’s a problem.


3) – We have taken no decision to increase the annual membership fees for 2024
and we hope that we won’t have to.


If you have any questions then please get in touch. You can email me at treasurer@boltontri.com 


Finally, if you wish to set up a direct debit to the club, you can do so at this link –
New Direct Debit to Bolton Tri Club. Then just drop me a line to discuss the amount.



Best wishes, and happy training