Club 2024 Grand Prix

Events are more enjoyable when you take part alongside your clubmates. The list of events for our 2024 BTC Grand Prix and the details of the scoring system can be found below. You get points for your finishing position amongst BTC participants and points for your age group position in the overall race. At the end of the season your best 5 events count.

2024 Events

Race Type Date Link
Oulton Park Spring Duathlon Standard Distance Duathlon 24th March 2024 Enter Here
West Lancs Spring Triathlon Sprint Tri (Pool) 7th April 2024 Enter Here
Pendle Triathlon Sprint Tri (Pool) 28th April 2024 Enter Here
Horwich Triathlon (Pool) Standard (ish) Tri (Pool) 5th May 2024 Enter Here
Rossendale Sprint Tri Sprint Tri (Pool) 12th May 2024 Enter Here
St Annes Triathlon Sprint Tri (Pool) 19th May 2024 Enter Here
Deva Triathlon (Chester) Standard (Olympic) Distance Tri (OW) 2nd June 2024 Enter Here
Deva Triathlon (Chester) Middle Distance Distance Tri (OW) 2nd June 2024 Enter Here
Bolon IM 70.3 Middle Distance Tri (OW) 30th June 2024 Enter Here
Ripon Triathlon Standard Distance Tri (OW) 13th July 2024 Enter Here
Deva Divas (female only) Sprint Tri (OW) 14th July 2024 Enter Here
Boundary Breeze Triathlon Sprint Tri (OW) 4th Aug 2024 Enter Here
Bassenthwaite Tri Standard Distance Tri (OW) 17th Aug 2024 Enter Here
West Lancs Summer Tri Sprint Tri (Pool) 25th Aug 2024 Enter Here
Fleetwood Triathlon Sprint Tri (Pool) 22nd Sep 2024 Enter Here

Current Standings


Name Position Events Points
Paula Pilling 1 1 84
Rosalyn Dines 2 1 70
Jane Jackson 3 1 51
Tara Dootson 4 1 50
Beth Hyland 5 1 39


Name Position Events Points
Chris Taylor 1 1 88
Karl Norman 2 1 81
Ethan Isaacs 3 1 76
Andrew Patterson 4 1 71
Richard Taylor 5 1 55
Jon Krelle 6 1 48
Jack Harper 7 1 46
Sam Lyons 8 1 39
Laurence Jackson 9 1 39
Matthew Garside 10 1 38
George Butler 11 1 35
Peter Fry 12 1 34
Dave Sachro 13 1 33


For a full detailed breakdown of results click here:
Detailed Result Breakdown

The Rules

The open and female categories will be scored separately and will remain the same as in previous years. 50 points for first club finisher, 45 for second, 40 for third, 39 for fourth, 38 for fifth, 37 for sixth and so on plus points for age group finish position in the whole race. If you finish 1st in your triathlon age group you get 40 – 1 = 39 points. If you finish 2nd in your age group you get 40 -2 = 38 points and so on. If you are 40th or below in age group you get 1 point. Triathlon age groups are usually in 5 year bands but we will use the categories published in the official race results. For each member their 5 best scores from events will count. This scoring system deliberately favours participation, the more events you compete in the better chance you have of winning.