Session Rules.

In order to ensure that sessions are safe and enjoyable for everyone we will operate the following set of rules and sanctions. In the past we have had accidents and near misses due to children ignoring the safety instructions they have been given, this is especially important when groups are cycling on the track or swimming in lanes. To ensure a balanced approach we also have a triathlete of the month award to encourage good attitude and effort.


• Abusing club equipment or property of other athletes e.g. kicking over cones or standing on them, throwing other children’s clothing about, throwing water bottles, hitting others with kickboards

• Failing to follow swim lane or track rules

• Repeatedly interrupting the coach or talking which is disruptive to the session

• Refusing to follow instructions from the coach or unreasonable refusal to participate

• Squirting water bottles at others

• Cheating during games

• Bullying, name calling and swearing

• Leaving the indoor or outdoor track area during a session without permission

Dangerous Conduct

• Dangerous behaviour e.g jumping in pool near others, kicking or throwing things into the path of others on the track, etc

• Pushing, hitting or tripping others

• Dangerous riding e.g. going in the wrong direction, cutting across other riders, braking suddenly when others are behind, zig zag riding instead of keeping a straight line, catching back wheel of other riders

• Careless treatment of helmets (own or others)

These rules reflect problems that have occurred. They are not exhaustive but are a guide to acceptable behaviour.


1. Verbal warning
2. Yellow Card
3. Red card

Verbal Warning

A breach of the rules will result in a verbal warning from the coach. The coach will explain to the athlete why they have been given a warning and what they expect from the athlete (e.g. I can’t explain the next activity if you keep talking. I want you to listen and pay attention. I’m giving you a verbal warning which means if you do it again you will get a yellow card.) The warning will last for the rest of that session.

Yellow Card

A yellow card will be given if the athlete repeats misconduct for which they have been given a verbal warning earlier in the session. For dangerous behaviour a yellow card could be given without an earlier verbal warning. A yellow card will be on the athlete’s record for the next two weeks i.e. if given on a Monday night it will be on their record for the next two Mondays and next two Saturdays also.  After that the slate is wiped clean. A parent will be informed at the end of the session or as soon as possible afterwards if their child has received a card.

Red Card

A red card will be given for a second yellow card. In serious cases it could also be given immediately for dangerous behaviour. After receiving a red card the athlete will be suspended from sessions for a week i.e they will not be allowed to attend the next swim and track sessions. A parent will be informed at the end of the session or as soon as possible afterwards if their child has received a card.

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