Code of Ethics & Conduct.

Club members, officials, coaches and parents/guardians of members under the age of 18 are expected to –

Put the well-being and safety of athletes above all other considerations including developing performance

Treat everyone equally regardless of age, sex, disability, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation and challenge any discriminatory behaviour

Respect each other’s rights, dignity, worth and contribution to the sport

Respect opponents and fellow athletes

Make participation in sport enjoyable for all

Follow the rules and guidelines of British Triathlon and the Bolton Triathlon Club and encourage fair play

Support British Triathlon’s Clean Sport and Anti-Doping policy

Not smoke or consume alcohol or drugs at club sessions

Pay session fees or event fees promptly

Be open and share any concerns they have about the club with the club secretary or club welfare officer

Coaches shall

Ensure that all teaching/training programs are appropriate for the age, ability and experience of individual athletes.

Be able to produce evidence of qualifications and registration on request

Help everyone to reach their potential

Endeavour to develop appropriate working relationships with athletes based on trust and mutual respect

Club officials and coaches shall

Abide by the Child Protection Policy of British Triathlon which can be seen here at this link

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