Tameside Duathlon

The Tameside Duathlon takes place on the 9th July 2023.

This will be the 4th time we have ran this event which includes a Junior Duathlon and an Adult Go-Tri Duathlon. Tameside Cycle Circuit is an ideal venue with a 1km tarmac closed circuit cycle track which is great fun to ride on. The run legs take place on the adjacent playing field. The junior event includes races for each age group from age 8 upwards over different distances. To cater for all abilities, juniors can enter their own age group race or take part in a lower age group race over a shorter distance. Enter at


The ages for each event are in brackets, e.g. Tristart 1 (9 – 10), and are the ages on 31.12.23. * If you want to do a shorter event but are above the ages shown then you can but the result won’t be counted towards the NW series

Entries close 04/07/2023    11.45pm    Enter on-line only

Tristart Duathlon (age 8 or above*)    Run 400m/Bike 1.5k/Run 400m  £10

Tristar 1 Duathlon (9 –10 or above*)   Run 1.2k/Bike 4k/Run 400m      £15

Tristar 2 Duathlon (11 –12 or above*)  Run 1.2k/Bike 6k/Run 800m      £15

Tristar 3 Duathlon (13 –14 or above*)  Run 1.8k/Bike 8k/Run                 £15

Youth and Junior Duathlon (15 –19)  Run 2.4k/Bike 10k/Run                 £15

The Adult Go-Tri Duathlon is 2.4k run/10k bike/1.2k run. It is for all ages 17 and over.   Entry £15 at


The Junior Duathlon is part of the Triathlon England NW Junior Series. The full list of events in the series can be seen at


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